Cassy Smith


Cassy Smith is a 3rd generation preacher's kid, 4th generation ordained minister. At the age of 33 she's running alongside the younger as well as the seasoned generations simultaneously. Her heart's desire is to equip those around her with the tools needed to become secure in their walk with Jesus. In 2009 she founded Vision Academy; a 3-year training program for the church. Cassy is a worship leader and preacher who energizes people to live a life of love and hope.

"Girls who storm castles are fighters not whiners. The women I have had the pleasure of knowing and living life with are far from the damsels in distress characters of fairy tales. They are fierce warriors. When there are tears, they are tears streaming down a beaten and broken dirt-stained face still clinging to the sword hoping against all odds for a victory. These women refuse to be less than an overcomer. My courageous mother, and bold grandmothers’ are living examples in my life when I need guidance in the art of overcoming." --Cassy Smith, 2010